Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

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Rating: 9.2


Full Synopsis

Written and Directed by Peter Berg

Ted Levine as Dr. Robert Banger
Michelle Forbes as Dr. Lyla Garrity
Michael Jai White as Dr. Derrick Hatcher
Billy Burke as Dr. Abe Matthews
Martin Donovan as Dr. Neil Harrison
Executive producers Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Tony Krantz

Executive producer Peter Berg

Guest starring
Leland Orser as Wendall Rickle
Jay O. Sanders as Ed Butowsky
Rafael Baez
George DiCenzo as therapist
Method Man as crazy DJ man
Becky Ann Baker
Irma St. Paule
Linda Emond as A.D.A. Ruth Strictler
Matthew Sussman as Emanuel Treyhill
Patricia Clarkson as Tammy Banger
Theme song composed by Madonna and William Orbit, Performed by Madonna, Editor Dan Lebental, Production designer Kristi Zea, Director of photography Ron Fortunato, Produced by Peter R. McIntosh

Michele Barker as Julie McCray
Jim Burke as cop #1
Justin Chandler as Titus
Jim Chirod as Dievacks
Ana Christina as bra and panties (Aurora)
Bostin Christopher as medical student
Rony Clanton as Bernard
Angela DiMascio, Jr. as group therapy patient
Saidah Arrika Ekulana as ER nurse
Santo Fazio as Cort
Meg Gibson as forensics nurse
Wau Ching Ho as Dr. Printer
Michael Hyatt as CPEP nurse
Gloria Irizzarry as Mrs. Lupinta
Felicity Jones as journalist
Eddie Korbich as Ronald Pullitz
Paul Lazar as Willie Watches
Brendan McVeigh as Mick Banger
Dwandra Nickole as Mrs. Cloover
Erik Per Sullivan as Tucker Banger
Andre Royo as Spencer
Stuart Rudin as Louie
Vickie Tanner as Manny
Sharon Wilkins as Mrs. Brown
Ron Yamamoto as Todd Gardner
Featured Music: Little Drummer Boy (opening and ending)

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