Quotes from 20/20 Hindsight

Garrity: "Well, I'm quick and I'm dumb, a pretty fatal combination."

Banger: "He's my patient and he deserves treatement."
Lawyer: "He's my client, I'm working in his best interest."
Mr. Rickle: "My son! My son, who got into Columbia and loves Chinese food and rock-climbing in the Catskills. My son, who's dream was to build a boat and follow the journey of the Odyssey. He's my son. He has a name. You call him by his name."

Matthews: "I still think she's got no respect."
Miles: "This may be a shock, Dr. Matthews, but not all men deserve it."

Wendall: "That was what was in my head. I must have been out of my mind."

Matthews: "There is no relationship, no matter how hot, how passionate, that could possible sustain itself for five decades."
Miles: "Passion is animal, mostly surface. Too bad that's all there is for you. Aren't you going to be a lonely old man."

Wendall: "Dr. Banger, do they let you go swimming in the summer?"

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