The show
In the realm of psychiatric medicine, Rivervue Hospital, a public, city hospital, is the Mecca, and its doctors are among the world's best, brightest and toughest. Professionally, Dr. Robert Banger heads up the forensic psychiatry department (the psychiatric study of criminology), while personally, he struggles to cope with the break-up of his marriage. Still in love with his wife, Dr. Banger is forced to fight her tooth and nail for the custody of their two young sons. Dr. Neil Harrison, who also specializes in forensics, grapples with the fears and joys of impending fatherhood. His wife, Dr. Garrity, heads up the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, a.k.a. CPEP (a critical response facility for people suffering psychiatric emergencies). Dr. Abe Matthews is recognized as a talented psychiatrist who works in the CPEP, but has a well-earned reputation as a first-class, commitment-phobic womanizer, both inside the hospital and out. Dr. Derrick Hatcher balances the struggles of single parenthood with working daily miracles in the emergency suite -- all while simultaneously leading med students through the ropes of Rivervue's "boot camp." Young resident Heather Miles adds her own perspective to the mix of professional care at Rivervue.
Theme song
Theme song composed by Madonna and William Orbit
Performed by Madonna