"Wonderland" has been pulled from ABC's schedule, leaving six episodes un-aired. The show has not been officially cancelled, however. ABC has said that it will definitely be off the air at least through May sweeps, and any future after that is undetermined.

"Spell Check"

Written by Peter Berg from a story by Peter Berg and Sasha Bardey. Directed by John David Coles.

Dr. Hatcher (Michael Jai White) tries to save two brothers. Dr. Garrity (Michelle Forbes) treats a patient whose annual ritual includes jumping from the 59th Street Bridge.

While Dr. Derrick Hatcher struggles to save the lives of a pair of brothers, Dr. Lyla Garrity treats a patient who annually leaps from the 59th Street Bridge. Dr. Robert Banger discovers his wife wants sole custody of their two sons. Guest starring are Michele Barker as Dr. Julie McCray, Yada Beener as Zoe Hatcher, Sharon Wilkins as Mrs. Brown, Dwandra Nickole as Mrs. Clover, Vickie Tanner as Manny, Noah Emmerich as Johnnym and George Plimpton as spelling bee judge.

"The Raw and the Cooked"

Hatcher and Garrity try to diagnose a woman. Matthews struggles to save a comic (Jeremy Piven) from self-destruction.